My V.A. doctor said I was "pre-diabetic" years ago on 2 sweet OJ glasses for breakfast and 2 cups coffee and then 2-4 sugary sodas a day as a 16hr/day legal commercial driver in CA; it was 14hrs/day!   I was taking a multivitamin and aspirin daily for over 30 years. The MD didn't tell me to stop taking aspirin.


She did tell me to divide sugar on a food label by 4 and that was the teaspoons of sugar per serving! Such a useful fact! I was Shocked thereafter looking at all food labels. I had an appointment with the dietitian who just told me to cut all sugar; Not "divide grams by 4 to get teaspoons of sugar".  I had been watching PBS and bought the Dietitian's book FAST METABOLISM and stayed on that complex, daily change but very satisfying diet for 18 months,on my own, as a pre-diabetic. The VA Dietitian did not know of or read this book nor EAT FAT,  GET THIN from Dr. Hyman constantly on PBS.

I started to get tinnitus, so very faint,  and discovered it on WebMD! My V.A. MD told me "millions of old people like you have tinnitus." That's all. She told me to eat more meat and stay on the prescription drugs. I was worried so read every word on the official Metformin Information Sheet and there was no mention of tinnitus as a possible side effect, but said some complications might not be listed!

My tinnitus got Louder, so it was interfering with conversations, instead of being barely noticeable in a quiet space.  I contacted my MD and she was not concerned, and no change in my prescription meds! She took a few months leave. I figured I was on the V. A. blacklist for turning in my first Asian MD for sexual assault 9 years ago, filing a formal complaint, and being told no change! Also complaining about main VA website, which was totally remodeled. And complaining about how littered and unclean VA-sf was! OK, so I have to speak up for my all alone, single self.

Then my RN called and yelled at me,yelled,  "You are a diabetic according to ADA and always will be, always will be on prescription drugs! And stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen Forever! Promise me! Say you will take your prescription drugs and never ever take aspirin or ibuprofen ever again!  Promise me!" I said it,  but kept taking a daily aspirin and stopped all meds. The tinnitus does seem to be worse when I use salt like last night. So weird; My V. A. doctor is not interested in the cause or cure of my loud constant tinnitus. She wants me back on the meds.  I have to take 2 Alteril every night with dinner to get some sleep at 70yrs, still working 14hr long driving days,5-7 days a week,  just to pay the skyrocketing rent.

I watched "Doc Martin" and one episode he said "there is medicine you can take for 2 months to cure tinnitus". I don't know why even a Kaiser doctor does not know how to successful treat tinnitus!   I have had my ear wax monthly picked out by Audiology and very painfully suctioned out by the ENT Dept. I have had my hearing tested yearly twice, no thrice. I have been told I probably have a brain tumor and need an MRI.

So glad I found the British "" chat and this chat because I am not getting anywhere with the V. A.  as a VietNam veteran or Kaiser.

Thank you all, suffering from constant static of tinnitus, for posting your personal medical experiences! I do not believe tinnitus should be ignored by MDs or hospitals or western medicine.  I have even thought about going to Chinatown to see a doctor there! There must be more care and a cure!