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Hi i had rough sex yesterday and my foreskin rolled over  the head and stayed there.  I dont feel pain unless im erected is this normal at first?  I would prefer it rolled up like this than going back because its a b***h to clean before


Yes, this can happen during the intercourse and it can be related to phimosis and phimosis stretching as well. Now, it all depends on your situation. You may have to accept to be circumcised - you need to face the fact that this is normal in that situation and that this is all about your health. I did it. I was ashamed to admit this to my current GF, but she was so serious and she told me that the health is before anything. So, you should think about this as well. But before you think that you will have to be circumcised, talk to your doctor and see what to do. Maybe you will have some other methods to return it.