hey all, 

I'll probably break some penile disorder records as I'm 60 this year (it's 2018!) .. All my life I've had phimosis cos the opening in the foreskin just couldn't go over the erect penis. When flaccid, it was fine so I could still wash the head. Sex was great too all along unexposed, without a condom (I've always had issues with condoms even in my younger days cos of the reduced sensitivity from the covered glans). But in the past 18 years, I realized that I wasn't cumming during intercourse anymore even though masturbation was fine. I "deduced" that it was because when I wanked, I could vary the angle and pressure anyway I liked, which I couldn't with a vagina. And not cumming was just the start of it all. My penis would start getting limp after a few strokes, no more than 5 mintues, and I thought "Damn, I have ED" !

Then someone told me to get circumcised last year and I thought "hello? at age 59" and researched and found out about the mitosis thing in stretching the foreskin. This I started did about 4 months ago without the use of creams. It just took about 3 weeks of stretching before I could expose my entire glans and I went "Duhhh... I should have done this in my teens" .. but better late than never. 

Then the sensitive glans issue came about of course. After having not been exposed my whole life, that's only to be expected. So I did the shower thing, the rapping thing, and leaving the head exposed thing for days. It's all tough at the start, but believe me, gets better over time .. The glans is now 3 months exposed constantly and I can move freely even though boxers sometimes rub it the wrong way.

I was worried about intercourse due to the sensitive glans as masturbating with the exposed head was a killer. But after trying a moist vagina with a close friend that loves giving blow jobs. it was surprisingly much less sensitive. But 1 comment she made the other night was "that ring of skin behind your dickhead is getting in the way" .. true enough, the foreskin completely clumps up behind the glans. She said she could even feel it in her vagina during the strokes and said that in other guys, it would continue stretching down over the length of the penis. I guess blood vessel constriction is happening as my penis gets more erect until I can actually see the part of the penis behind the head being actually much smaller in diameter than the head itself.

I can remove the clump if I forcibly pull the skin further down the length. So can I still do the same stretching exercises on the foreskin that's already been rolled behind the glans. And what's the best way to do it? Poor grip and all?