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I am currently on type1 Phimosis. I use to be type 3 until a good while back I started stretching the skin quite a lot everyday. Eventually I type 1 and it seems to have been there for a while, I stopped stretching because I finally managed to leave it out although it's still quite tight. So I'm curious is it better for me to just leave my skin rolled back whenever I can? I tried it out for 2 days but when rolled back, there is a lot of extra skin. That extra skin then eventually turns kinda puffy(swollen I guess) but it doesn't particularly hurt, just puffy. I'm not sure if that's suppose to happen so I rolled it back down today.

Anyone have any suggestions on whether or not I should keep this up? I'm guessing it's getting swollen mainly because of the sensitive tissues(the inside of my foreskin now being rolled  back and exposed to the outside) rubbing too much and isn't use to it. I don't know though what do you guys think?

Just to note, it's only the rolled back skin is turning swollen, the actual gland is just fine but just a bit dry.

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Anyone have any idea?