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I am 19 years old and recently was told I have Phimosis. Prescribed some cream, it appears not to have worked and I wanted to seek some advice on how urgently I should seek further medical advice.

I would presume that my form is severe. The first time my foreskin was fully pulled back was at the doctor's surgery a few months ago and I have been hesitant to pull it back again. I am not currently sexually active and this is not a concern for me at this time, however I am more worried about how hygienic the situation is. While I make the best of attempts to clean the region, of course without being able to pull my foreskin back I imagine that this area does not get cleaned.

So my question is how quickly should I seek advice? Will it be detrimental to my health if I leave it for another month while I consider the options and wait till I go back to university? Or is it something which seriously needs to be looked into and could have an impact on my health?

I look forward to your replies


Hello. Look, I know that a lot of young boys believe that they are dealing with penis cancer. It is very, very rare. First, you need to determine the phimosis causes to determine your next steps. It is important to know, once that you can retract the foreskin, you are able to see if there are any changes to the penis and glans. So, you really don't have so many things to be worried about.  Penile cancer can also take place in circumcised males as well, just like in those who are not circumcised.  Also, you should know that most of the European male population have their foreskins a little tight.