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Am I the only one here who has problems with fleas? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cat owner or a dog owner, if you have any idea on how to get rid of fleas (which is applicable to dogs) , share it please.  

It’s very hard for me to keep that under control since two of my dogs live outside the house, in the yard. They have flea bites all over them and I’m starting to think that my lab has some kind of allergic reaction to flea bites. 

So, help! How to get rid of fleas on my dogs?


Hey there.

No, you are not the only one who have problems with fleas. I don’t know what is going on but almost all my pets have problems with fleas lately. :/

It is hard to protect them from fleas when they are in your home, I don’t want to mention the yard.

Right now I am using flea deterring drink to get rid of them. You will need one tablespoon of white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Add this to your dog’s water. I would recommend you to use Braggs apple cider vinegar. It is good to get rid of the fleas and this also improves a dog’s skin and coat.



Hey don’t worry at all. There are so many effective ways to get rid of fleas in your pets. :)

Sometimes I believe that this is a fight with no winner :)

But tnx God I have a few tricks. And they are helpful.

Boric acid is a natural insecticide and it is helpful. Sprinkle it on all surfaces that your dog has been on. It doesn’t matter are they in or outside of your house.

Sprinkle your dog as well. The reason why this is good remedies – it kills fleas and the larvae by dehydrating them.

You should vacuum your house after this procedure.



Hey Mia and other. I am struggling with fleas in my dog as well. Annoying situation, I agree but what we can do? :/

All that we can do is to find good medication and remedies. On luck, there are so many medications that can help your dog. They are prescribed by your vet.

But natural remedies are definitely my favorite.

Here are some tips that you can use. You need to bath your dog very often. You can also use flea comb.

But this trick is my favorite lately. Use sea salt. Put it in the water and sprinkle your dog. I am sure that fleas will diaper in 28 hours.

Good luck :)





Luckily I never had a problem with fleas. And I even let my dog hang around with neighbor’s dogs which I know have fleas, and still nothing.

My sister in law is a vet by the way and I visit her once in a month even when everything is ok with my dog, we just step by to say hello. That's because I’m getting my dog used to vet clinic so he is not afraid when we need to go there for some reason.

Anyway she gave me this collar that is against fleas, parasites etc. And also, she spilled some liquid on him, have no idea what that was but she said it will help. And it did.



Hey all. :)

I also got this thing that I needed to apply to my dog’s coat, starting from  his neck along the spine.

 I think the name was Advantage. Not so sure, but seems about right.

I know there were two options and somebody told me that the other option is just a scam so I took this one and it really did work.

I never had flea problems with my dog.

It works as a prevention. And I think that it needs to be applied once a month, at least I do so.

I must have heard that from somebody.



I’ve never tried Advantage. Those are some sort of ampoules and I’ve been advised by my vet to try after I told him that my dog will be spending a lot of time in the grass.

I asked my friend to buy it for me since she was going to buy them for her dog too. When she came to the  pet shop there was a lady who was waiting in front of the door. She told her that the man who works there went on a break. So while chitchatting my friend told her she came there to buy Advantage and this lady, who by the way has a lot of experience with dogs, told her that it’s just a waste of money.

We never bought it.



Well I think you should. Just check with the instructions on how to use it properly.

I don’t know the exact instructions cause I always have my friend applying those things when needed, but I think there is some rule – it must be written on the package.

The thing is- you need to be careful with the dosage, it needs to be adjusted according your cat’s weight cause that product is really strong and a greater amount (than recommended) can seriously harm her.

Once you determined the amount, just apply the product and make sure your cat doesn’t get wet in the next 24 hours.