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anybody who can help me or give me infos on using vitamin c for abortion?? i am 3wks pregnant and wanted abortion to end this problem (unwanted pregnancy/untimely ) and i cant talk to my doctor about it coz i think abortion is illegal here in canada, pls, im so down right now


OK, that scared me. In the UK and US (I'm UK), the right to an abortion is now enshrined in law and readily available. The idea that Canada should be so different astonished me, but a quick check on Wikipedia (Abortion in Canada) reveals that you are at least partly right.

It is a perfectly legitimate question however to ask your doctor: 'what are my rights and choices with respect to termination?'

You can also ask a lawyer: both are tied by client confidentiality, and it would be strongly in contention with my perception of Canada as a 'western' nation, akin to the UK or US, if they have 'thought police' hiding out and snooping on you to prosecute young women who ask relevant questions about their well-being. I also have a number of Canadian friends, this topic has been discussed, and not once has anyone suggested that Canada does not have a support network for young women in this matter, or that it is illegal.

Hint: open your yellow pages (telephone directory): if there is a section for abortion clinics, or abortion advice, then clearly they are legal, or the police in Canada are really not very sharp, and I very much doubt the latter, if people are advertising an 'illegal' service under their nose.

It is entirely legitimate for society to protect women - not persecute them - and try to ensure that you have the best advice and counselling available on this issue. Clearly, if you are afraid and are seeking dangerous advice - under NO circumstances should you attempt any action to terminate your own child, by yourself, without proper counselling and medical supervision. Back street abortions, self abortions, are precisely why the law exists in its modern form to allow and support rational choice, at least in US and UK.


1. first check yellow pages etc. - if abortion clinics and advice are listed, then 99.999999% certain it is legal to at least visit them (have you heard of 'pot suppliers' in yellow pages?)

2. visit your doctor or ask a lawyer - both are bound by confidentiality, and their job is to advise you

3. once you are assured that support is available (and according to wikipedia it is) then go visit a clinic and proceed as they advise, probably with initial counselling for what is an important and emotional decision, and then as to treatment

Finally: if you were absolutely correct that in your country (Canada) abortion was illegal, then asylum is defined as refuge for those avoiding or in fear of persecution in their own state: we get 'asylum seekers' (aka: immigrants) that come to the UK because we give free housing, health, benefits and money - who wouldn't come here for that?

You share a border with the world's biggest, free-est (according to them) nation, where abortion is fully supported and legal: check out Marie Stopes International or other reputable sites. Ask not how your nation can persecute you, but what you can do to find a more amenable nation.

Personally, I love Canada, I cannot believe they do not support women's rights in this matter, and I encourage you first to follow the steps outlined, and under no circumstances to attempt to self medicate.

Take care.


check this site out it might help

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