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Basically, I have a hard yellow crust on the skin underneath my pubic hair (genital area, not armpits). I think it's some sort of fungus, as I used to wear Y-fronts and it developed in the summer basically when it is hot and moist. It sometimes itches, particularly when I'm wearing something tight. I've tried to find out around the internet what this fungus is, but it doesn't seem common. I've had it for quite a long time now, as it appeared last summer like I mentioned. My testes also are rather rougher in texture and red. I haven't been sexually active for a couple of years, so it's nothing like that. Also, a couple of black spots appeared on the front of my scrotum, which I read somewhere else can be associated with fungus. There are no side effects of whatever this is.

Can someone tell me what I have, and what I may need to take or use? Thanks.


It could be a fungal infection but other common skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis etc) can also affect the genital area. It's very difficult to diagnose this just from a description. Whatever the cause, you're going to need some cream prescribed to get rid of it. The treatment will obviously depend on the diagnosis, so you need to get along to the doctor.