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I've noticed that I have 2 under the skin pimples or something like that. they're located between my belly button and penis, about 2mm in diameter, slightly sore to touch, hard and one's slightly bigger than the other. They seem too hard to squeeze? I had a little trim of the pubes - as you do! last week and these have been there for a couple of days...well, that was the first time i noticed them!

Anybody know what this is? Should I be worried?? is this contageous?


Because of the location, there is a possibility that you could have contracted something from another person. However, they are not really in the genital area. If there's a chance that you could have caught something because you are sexually active, you've got to get solid answers. In addition, you wouldn't want some other problem to go untreated. Sure, it could be razor bumps, maybe. However, it's in the best interest of your future health and that of your partners to be checked. Please don't have sexual activity with any partners until you find out what's going on. Good luck and let us know.