I am suffering from health
related disease since Jun' 2006. My problem is that I suffered from the problem of stomach(abdominal) weakness due to which I m unable to take proper breathing due to lack of support from stomach.I suffered from tuberculosis in stomach at that time and emotional stress also. After every stool or urination I feel extreme weakness in whole abdomen,I feel abdominal sinking feeling and abdominal contraction also at very inner level & due to this breathing get very difficult and I need to eat to get relief. Due to this I am unable to follow proper day to day routine. I m computer science graduate and worked in MNC. Now stomach seems very weak and hollow so that I am not even unable to walk properly. My breaths are not proper and shallow. I am not at all able to tolerate emotions. I can't watch TV or read news paper. I had done excessive masturbation in my early young age.even after nightfall I feel so much abdominal weakness and hollowness also. Please help and guide me so that I may lead a normal life and can follow my routine by my own. These mental symptoms,breathing problem and stomach problems are getting tough day by day. Docotors not able to find solutions. Currently I am Taking homeopathy for thyroid and adrenal hormones & for stomach problems.....