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I am a 24 year old male. I think I have realised my problem with not being able to be myself sometimes. Its due to my inconsistent beathing. Ive always cared way too much about what people think about me, and im very self consious. Through the years of adolesence I've been tensing my stomach to make me feel better about myself, when really i didn't have a 6 pack. I was just slim. It became a habit to always tense my stomach when doing everyday activities. As I was growing up I was feeling more and more akward and uncomfortable around people. Because my stomach was automaticly tense which mad me tense. Now that I think I've discovered what ive been doing wrong all those years i've tried to release make stomach to breath properly, but by doing so I get a sore stomach and my breathing is very difficult and inconsistent.. I've tried deep breathing execisers but they dont seem to last.

Its a bit of a weird one, but if anyone knows of any thing to help this problem, any exercisers, would be very very appreciated, as it has a massive impact in my life.



Hallo! I heard about this progressive muscle relaxation which might help you. It's a technique for achieving a deep state of relaxation. It was developed more than fifty years ago. The scientists discovered that a muscle could be relaxed by first tensing it for a few seconds and then releasing it. Tensing and releasing various muscle groups throughout the body produces a deep state of relaxation, which are capable of relieving a variety of conditions, from high blood pressure to ulcerative colitis. Progressive muscle relaxation should be especially helpful for people whose anxiety is strongly associated with muscle tension. That is what often leads you to say that you are tense. You should practice at least twenty minutes per day. Find a quiet location to practice where you won't be distracted. Practice on an empty stomach. Food digestion after meals will tend to disrupt deep relaxation. Assume a comfortable position. Your entire body, including your head, should be supported. Lying down on a sofa or bed or sitting in a chair. Loosen any tight clothing and take off shoes, watch, glasses, contact lenses, jewelry, and so on. Make a decision not to worry about anything. Assume a passive, detached attitude. This is probably the most important element. You want to adopt a let it happen attitude and be free of any worry about how well you are performing the technique. Do not try to relax. Do not try to control your body. Do not judge your performance. The point is to let go. You could find some more informations and give it a try maybe it works. And try to avoid stress (no matter how funny that sounds), stress is one of the main causes of that uncomfortable feeling. Hopefully these informations will help you.