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I have always had problems With Constipation, it comes and goes, but this time it is different.

its lasting much longer then the usually constipation i get. i feel Bloated, and i have sharp Abdominal pains that come and go. i haven't been able to eat normally either since every time i eat the more i feel painfully Bloated. I have taken Laxatives, Metamucil and i even started to drink Apple juice and work out, but still i can not go. when i am able to go it is so painful and my stool is thin and a Bright Red colour

(p.s I think the pressure from my bloated stomach is causing me to also have a sore back)


The problem sounds similar to mine.  I have suffered with mild to severe to IMPOSSIBLE to GO constipation for all my 65 years.  

I am currently in the state of trying to get completely EVACUATED after several extremely painful days and nights of EXCESSIVE bloating unmovable gas abdominal pain and back pain.  In fact I went to the Emergency Room 2 nights in a row (this time) and on the 2nd night they did an ultra sound and discovered I have gallbladder stones.  The ER doctor being eager to pass along her need to keep the finances of the medical community going, called a surgeon and then came and told me that I could get admitted and be operated on very soon.

To me that was just too much - too fast!  I did however agree to go see the surgeon during office hours.  In the meantime I began to follow these doctor's recommendations to get my bowels moving (poop again).  I know for a fact I NEVER felt so lousy in my life!

And while I waited for my appointment with the surgeon i began a in-depth search about gall stones and the gall bladder - I mean I do not like the thought of losing any of my organs I don't care what they say!

Fortunately I found several (or should I say many, many. many) sites that described what I was experiencing and some ways to help.  When I went to the surgeon I asked him if gall stones could be dissolved and he was vague and elusive in his answer.  So... that made me more curious and more diligent to seek prayer (yes I believe in Divine Intervention and Divine Healing).  

If I could afford the treatment I think I would get a Colonic.  I had one once over 25 years ago when I ws totally impacted and could not get cleaned out (the poop was way too stuck) a Colonic will flush out your intestine (the large) and de-toxify your bowel.

Seeing I am on a fixed and tight budget, I have to try other methods.  I am doing home enemas and drinking warm apple juice 8 oz every couple of hours all day.  I am still Not cleaned out, but things are moving and I do get some stool and brown watery discharge.  I need to get cleaned out.  I am not eating anything it has been nearly a week since I had any solid food.  I have introduced a peeled apple to try and ease that a bit.  Other than an apple or two a day, no food.

I seriously recommend that you do an internet search and read about gall bladder attacks and gall bladder problems and liver and gallbladder "flushes".    I do not want to lose my gall bladder just to pay off some Doctor's student loan.

Good luck,  I see it has been a few months since you posted this, perhaps you found an answer and would like to re-post here?  God bless you, I will pray for you.  I believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ 1st  and for His wisdom in learning what to do and whom to trust for the care of my body.