I have a protrusion coming from urethra that is purplish in color & looks like maybe a vein ` size of a small pea.  My thought is it is like a hemorrhoid but in my urethra. I was told it isa CARUNCLE by Gyn but cannot find any website with info about this. It is very sensitive as I have to wipe it after urination. It causes me to "spray" when I urinate instead of in a stream. It is definitely obstructing my urethra & I have a burning feeling at the opening at all times. Does any one else on the site indentify with this? I was given Premarin Cream, by my Gyn,  which I apply to the urethral opening  daily,  but it doesn't seem to help. HELP!!!!! Has anyone ever heard of Urethral Caruncle? My GYN just saw this during a Pelvic Exam. It is a protrusion coming out from urethra & is purplish in color and is sore to touch. Consequently, remains sore as I wipe after voiding. I am presently using Premarin cream daily but to no avail. HELP