hello everyone, I have very simalar unknown symptoms,

About 4 years ago I had sex with an unknown girl at a party. 3 days later I got a red painless sore on my urethra. At first I thought it was syphyllis or another common bacterial std, little did I know it was just the begging of an never ending quest and sleepless nights full of stress to identify what was going on. About a week after that sore came up on my urethra my lips started having a burning sensation, and they became permanently changed as in slightly bigger and different border coloration. I was so confused and my situation just kept getting worst as days went by. Next the whole inside of my mouth felt like it became swollen, my toungue looks thicker my cheek lining became thicker and I formed little almost invisible bumps to the sight on my inner upper and lower lips. Also my gums became extremely painful and looked Infected and yellow spots, and my teeth have gotten slightly loose. Not only that but also it effected my stool color permenantly. It's always light yellow and light colors. And I would often bleed when going to the restroom for the first 2 years. Keep in mind that all these symptoms have been permanent for the last 4 years the only thing that has changed Are my gums which are no longer in pain. I worry my self to death sometimes thinking of what it could be. I've been to many many doctors and specialist to be sent rite back home with no answers. I've been tested for every testable std countless of times and no answers. I can only think it's hpv since the girl I slept with changes her number and I never seen her again when I asked her through the phone. And I worry that if it is hpv, it has to be the cancerous strain becuase these seem to be permanent tissue changes. And now I'm expierencing bony bumps through my body. But of course the doctors dismiss everything I say. And cannot believe a 24 year old like myself could possibly have anything wrong with him. I just want answers.