ok i need everyones imput...as you all know doctors suck..in 2005 i was bent over in pain and went to the ER did the whole Hida scan endoscopy thing with a result of 70% and the doctor had no idea so he told me I had IBS I looked up the symptoms and reaized i had none of those symptoms i rolled with the punches and after a few months i was ok...after eating fatty foods i get that pain you all talk about on the right in my rib cage as well as when i eat anything dairy related...recantly about two weeks ago i have been having unbareable pains followed by dizzy spells and pale ness..i am 23 i teach 2nd grade i'm usually full of energy nad love life...lately i am pretty much in bed everyday miserable, cranky, tired, in pain, pale, and don't want to do anything, i was in the hospital for 5 days in tears becuase teh pain was so bad. the took blood everything was fine, unrine..normal...CT with and without contrast..normal...ultrasound...normal..small bowel followel through i had a little intestine thickening but at my follow up the doctor said my GI tract with just all out of wack adn everythign was ok i didnt have IBS or IBD or COLITIS or any of that good stuff which is good and he biopsied it for everything! I also had an endoscopy where he said i had an ulcer but the plce where my ulcer is has no relation to where my pain is which is over my galbladder...and ive been on meds for 2 weeks now and no improvements...i had a second hida scan adn the ejection fraction rate has now dropped to 51% which is still technically fine in the doctors books...but in my opinion from 2005-2008 it went from a 70 to a 51 that cant mean its working like its suppose to so why isnt something going to be done now...instead my students are suffering becuase some days i cant get out of bed i'm in so much pain or when i do get out of bed ill be walking and feel like im going to pass out and have to go home...what do i do????? Someone please help throw me ANY SUGGESTIONS!!! the doctors are looking at me like i am crazy now...i refuse pain meds becuase the dope me up and make me goofy and i just want results not masking the issue so i can get back to work and be myself..all i wana do is go to the beach one weekend and hang out with my friends not lay in bed and be grumpy