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i have abs but i dont know how to get rid if my love handles. i have been doing some excersizes that work on my obliques but it looks like it not working cause when i run they still jiggle and when i bend over they are very noticable. what do i do?


Do variety of exercises. The lying knee twist, lay flat on your back, hands straight out to your side, knees up at 90degree angle and rotate at your obliques going side to side. Do aprox 50-60 of those. Another exercise is laying down, you are going to do a reach and catch motion. Doing a crunch but going side to side, keeping the feet planted on the ground.Reach and act like youre catching a football, then same to the other side and shoulder blades up off the ground. The next one is a side crunch while standing up. Put your weight on your hips, knees bent, butt back, hands on your head, elbows straight out pointing away from your body. Bring in your elbow as if bringing it to your hip bone. Side to side. you'll feel a nice pull and contraction on your obliques. Also the plank, go onto the side, bring your free hand straight up, and reach underneath your body and then come back up, do this about 50 of those. Then a V twist, while a V sit. Use a weight and hold it with both hands and proceed to take it side to side while twisting. Another good one was thought by one of mt friends. Lay down with your feet hip width appart, come up a bit, extend your arms and reach for your heels alternating.

I do short intense sessions repeating 3 more times.

Clean diet, no sugars, no refined carbs and no alcohol. Take vitamins C and Omega 3s(good kind of fats) onto your diet. They will help you burn calories.

Hope this is of some help and info. Cheers!