hi i'm erica.. im 19 years old..my boyfriend and i have been sexually active for years now. about 6 months into our 3 yr relationship i was 16 years old and became pregnant. i had a abortion.. it wasn't the best thing to do but i was def. not ready to be a parent and i had to focus on school, etc... anyways we have been very sexually active in the past few years and usully have no protection what so ever. i think we are financially ready to be parents but i never get pregnant.. he always "cums" inside me and i never get pregnant. could i never be able to get pregnant again because i had a abortion?? also my periods are always jacked up.. never know when its going to be and it always only lasts for like 2 days.... and here lately i have had really dark brown discharge. i know i have to see the gyno, i know.. i need some real, good advice. anyone that can help me would be amazing...thanks