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I had unprotected sex early october 2006 and now I have not have my menstration as yet,I would skip a month in menstration so i did not bother to check and see if i am pregnant.Now i waited for my period but nothing so I bought a home pregnancy test and its positive So I wanna know if I can have an abortion in my 2months an a week and a half.I need your advise now.I am 19 years of age and never did an abortion before o.O



I assume you are in the US, and I will help you out.

Most abortion doctors will give an abortion up to 4-5 months, so you are still okay.

here is a website you can go to and see abortion clinics.

Click on your state from the menu, and it will show you lists of clinics in all states.


RobCC wrote:

Your 19? You want info on abortion, heres a little info.
I would recomend looking at some pictures of a baby at 2 1/2 months into a pregnancy, try google images.
When your done with that go look at some pictures of an aborted baby.
When your done with all that instead of looking into abortion try looking into adoption, or rasing it yourself. You can do it, believe me, I was raised by a single mother of 16 years old. She got pregnant, her parents kicked her out, and she raised me on her own.
After all that I would recomend seriously examining your life and maybe consider being a bit more responsible and not having sex if your not wanting a child. If you were raped or something like that then seek help.
If your just irresponsible than try being responsible and not looking for a "quick fix", abortion, especially at your stage of pregnancy, is nothing short of murder and in the long run you will be much worse for it five years down the road when your thinking about what your baby would have been like.

Your reply was a bit rude and tacky. You, and all of us for that matter, do not know this girls circumstances and you sound very judgemental.

If you noticed the date of the post, it was 2 years ago. Hopefully, this girl has done the right thing, whether she opted for an abortion or decided to keep her baby. We at Steadyhealth are here to offer our help and support, not to de mean someone or accuse them or condem them for being irresponsible.
Please try to harness your true feelings a bit, be honest and frank, but there is a way to do that, it's called respect your fellow member.
Thank you


The term, "judgmental" doesn't mean stating soething that is true!  Judgmental is what you believe about a true situation.  Saying a young girl who has no ability to carry a child is irresponsible to be sexually active is not judgmental!  It's a truthful response, and much more caring than to offer help to kill her child and leave her to deal with the heartache for decades to come! 

Judgmental would be to say, this is how you're living, I'm guessing you won't change; you will go on living that way.  And that is the response of these clinics who gain financially to counsel these girls to remain sexually active.  

If a student totally fails a test they failed the test.  To say, "You failed!" is NOT a judgment!  To say to yourself, "She's never going to get it.  She just doesn't care.  What a loser!"  THAT is a judgment.  There's a huge difference!

Ladies, we CAN live another way that is keeping true to who we are.  Life is gift.  Always.  There's another way to live.  Go for it!