My situation is a bit difficult. I met this guy about 7 months ago and started to really like him. We fooled around for about a month, but i totally knew he was seeing someone else at the time but it was never offical. After the month of fooling around he decided to "date" this other girl...thing is we continue to mess around.
When we went on our first date he told me tons of things about him including that he loved kids and would one day want to have a boy. When we continued to mess around he would tell me that if i got pregnant i should get an abortion, since he was not ready to be a parent yet. Ive always been against abortions, but now that im pregnant, i am stuck between getting an abortion and having the baby. We talked about it all and i said i couldnt have this baby either, that im not ready to have a baby and with his situation (having a g/f) i decided it would be best for him also. I could never imagine telling me family that i am pregnant with this guys baby and we arent even dating. My dad is very judgemental and would consider me a w****. Ive made a doctors apt to have an ultrasound done to see excatly how far along i am and to get the pills as soon as possible. This guy is totally understanding and told me if i needed to have this baby that he would be there for me and this baby through it all but said to be honest he wasnt ready for it. I myself am not ready for this baby fincially, i want more for my child as does he. I cry everyday thinking about this abortion and wonder "what if?" How can i get past this?