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Hi please don't judge me,just here for advice.ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years.we live a pretty decent life ,he basically takes care if me.ive had two procedures in the past & promised myself if never get another one.(the last one by him) .now that I'm pregnant again he says we're not ready financially ,I'm a young girl (22 he's 40) and I'm not thinking smart right now.i know I'm not financially ready and being a single mom is scarier To me than abortion.i grew up w/o my father and I would never out my child through that.I guess I'm afraid of a 3rd procedure and in just not sure i can live with myself .i can barely sleep ,idk if its the hormones that have me so bothered but I want to make sure I'm make the right choice. He also won't let me leave ,he thinks I'm being stupid for wanting to rather End the relationship & go through with the pregnancy but that's just how I'm feeling right now.i live him dearly but my heart & gut are leading me in another direction.


Hi Mili,

"He won't let me leave."  It's not HIS decision, it's YOURS.

I will tell you this, if you do deliver this baby it will always be your baby.  How long will he be your boyfriend?  Are you in love with him or "comfortable" with him?  If he's calling you stupid and telling you not to leave it tells me he is afraid.  No offense intended to you but why are you with a 40 year old anyways?  He literally could be your father.  There are lots of other men out there, your age, that would love to have a relationship - baby or no.

You can raise a child on your own, a lot of women do.  Don't stick around just because of that.  He can pay child support and have visitation, and make darn sure it is enforced.

Regardless of your decision, one of you needs to start using birth control.

Good luck.