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I had my gallbladder took out six weeks ago. Last night I had some drinks BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.... five this morning my head started hurting within a hour I was vomiting bright thick yellow stuff that is like poison. In bathroom all morning plus fever. I'm never drinking again.iv been in bed all day.


Hello Guest... I can't even imagine what you are feeling.  I know that the yellow stuff you are vomiting is bile; since your gallbladder is not present anymore, it cannot store the bile it once had.  You must have not eaten much either so when you retch, all there it to vomit is bile.  I don't think it may be a good idea to be drinking so  I am not sure what the fever would be from but try and drink some fluids and eat on some crackers until you begin to feel better.

Has any of our forum readers had their gall bladder removed and drank alcohol shortly after surgery?