a couple days ago , i was at my friends house and i wiped and it was light blood and it went away the next day and then came back the same day. Nothing happened until the other day when i just started to bleed alot. I had unprotected sex in the month of december. and i started feeling pregnant for the longest time and than when i got my periiod i said i cant be because of that, but i still feel my gut saying i am. I have no idea. what to do. I feel weak,i have been sleeping so much and nausea. My back hurts and i have bad cramps . Its not heavy heavy bleeding , but at the same time it is. Now can you still be pregnant and bleed this much?? I am so worried , I havent gotten a pregancy test , i just dont want to and it say no. Im not scared if it says yes, okay maybe a little , Im only 19 years old. My boobs hurts bad too. and my stomach . pleaseee helpp me.