I don't understand what im.doing rong I regularly wipe under my breats when I get home sense I'm all sweaty and the bumps started to going away I have one that won't go away it does hurt when I try but iv just left (it' been almost 2 years now and popped part of it once but it's shrinking thankfully) well today as I was checking my chest as always (incase of anything new) and iv noticed them growing on my actual breast not under well today as I was checking the smaller ones I noticed 2 bigger ones I mean normally I'd just pop them they bleed them scar but these 2 well one isn't as bad and will probaly go away but the other is huge its not popable just a lump of blood it doenst really hurt to much it but it does sting I don't undertand why it appeare I just noticed today I would say it's my bra but I just washed it 2 days ago and iv been keeping up with drying under my breasts still I'm scared I looked it up and it said it's nothing but go to a doctor for safety and I can' tell anyone about it I'm so scared it's breasts cancer what do I do..