Three trips to the doctor now and going on 4 to see yet another specialist. 

Things they thought it was: Yeast infection, cancer of some sort, folliculitus, staph, bed bugs, and allergic reaction. 

Being a clean freak I bleached everything, wash my bedding once a week, even bought a new bed with the fancy cover for it (antimicrobial,no bed bug, mildew and mold resistant)... I shower twice a day... And it bothered me that they would tell me I must not be cleaning thourough enough when I shower. 

Well, I got the antibacterial body wash, and almost all of my hygeine products are vegan (paraben and sulphate free), I'm vegitarian, haven't changed my meds, I'm not pregnant, haven't had anything like this before. 

The first spot I noticed it was above my cleavage - almost smack dab on my chest in just a few tiny bumps which itched pretty bad. 

Then a couple looked like pusstules so maybe they were zits or clogged pores?After a week of Sulfabased antibiotics (as I'm allergic to Cillin class ones) and using a vinegar solution on a rag to help ease the itching... it seemed to slowly die down. 

After a few days of finishing the antibiotics it came back... But this time it is in my cleavage and on my sternum spreading out onto my breasts... Maybe it was a heat rash?

Tried Talc Powder, Tried Nystat, Tried Azalex, Triamcinolone cream, Prescription stregnth hydrocortisone, Clobetesol, and that is just the topical skin medicine. 

Then we tried pills... Hydroxizine for itching and 10 days on another antibiotic.

Then we tried tests... Popping the ones that looked like zits to take a culture and even 4 biopsies (if my red bumps weren't already bad now I have scars from the biopsies in the same area)

Then we tried at home stuff - New bra, new bed, dehumidifier, ion air cleaner, removed everything except my bed from my room, change diet a little more, drink more water, special blankets (some mulberry silk stuff), laying on my back to sleep with no covers to make sure medicine doesn't get on anything, vinegar soaks, using witch hazel, OTC antifungals (the stuff for athletes foot)... 

It's not under my breasts just right between them on my sternum and spreading outward.. They stopped getting the weird pusstule tips... and OMG they itch.. 

Well I'm 3 months into this never ending mess... What else is there to try???