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I had sex on March 15 and 16th and then my ex broke up with me on the 21st.  I have been nauseous for 3 weeks, with some cramping and pain plus loss of appetite. I had a very weird period at the beginning of the month which was 3 days late with mainly a brownish discharge and light bleeding. My breast are tender and my nipples tingle and i am bloated. I have taken 3HPTs and i have had 1 blood test done and all have been negitive but my doctor wants me to wait 2 more weeks before they will do any more tests. What do you think it is? Could i be pregnant?


Hi  there,

Sounds as though there is a fair chance that you are in fact pregnant but not very far along which is why the tests are showing up negative. Blood test will be the first to get a positive! best advice is to wait a week or to and test again. All of your symptoms seem fairly clear though. 

Best of luck to you :)