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I have severe pain on my right side under my rib cage under my boob and my back on the right side starting at bra level working up. I have the symptoms of a gallbladder rupturing from what ive read . I've been using ibuprofen and heating pads with this pain still just not going away for days my back Hurts worse with hardly no relief. I feel like I have a bra on that is squeezing the life out of Me but I've already taken it off. I thought of pluracy. sorry I know that's misspelled. but then there's the rest of my symptoms. I have bad stomach problems with a high hernia but this is so different could someone please tell me what you think thank you.


sounds like gallbladder problems to me. you might have, acute cholystitis, chronic cholystitis or gallstones. if you are not running fever its not likely to be ruptured. if you do have a fever it could possibly be infected. the are of pain you describe definately points to the gallbladder. if the pain continues i would hope the you would head to the nearest emergency room to rule out anything threatning. ive used ice packs and sometimes heat when mine was stirred up. and avoid eating anything with fat in it. hope you feel better soon!