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why is it that i can weigh 130 pounds and then eat a lot and then the next day i weigh the same?


There are a few possible reasons why a small person can eat a lot and not gain any weight.

The first is, they have a high metabolism. In other words, they digest food quickly and properly, the way that's easiest on their body. This goes along with eating the right foods for your particular metabolism type. There's a falsehood that particular foods are appropriate for everyone, but that's not true. Some people need more carbohydrates or vegetarian dishes than others. Likewise, some people need to consume for fat and protein than others. This is determined by genetics, stomach size and shape, and climate region/current season. You can read more about this in the book "The Metabolic Typing Diet."

Another reason is, the person may have intestinal parasites. This is gross, yes, but it's more common than people think. This can cause a person to be hungry much of the time, eat a lot of food, but they don't gain weight. A person can be tested for intestinal parasites by their doctor or a naturopath qualified to do so. The parasites that usually cause this problem are worms and they're not very difficult to eliminate, so if you feel that this is the case with you, don't worry. Just get simple treatment.

If a person eats a lot of food and also takes care of themselves by exercising, taking care of their stress levels, enjoying life, etc., this puts the body at an advantage. This leads to proper digestion; therefore, a person can eat a lot of food and not store it as fat.