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Okay basically before anyone goes saying anything I'm 20 and I just lost my virginity yesterday. Anyways he went in only a few times, he pulled out way before he even got excited at all because he and I really aren't to ready for that. Anyways he did have pre cum. Now I have read it can have it and I have also read it hasn't. I've read that pre cum couldn't have it in it since he hasn't cummed since Sunday and of course he's peed since then so there would be no sperm in that. Only because if there was any in there the acid from the urine would have killed it and pushed it out . So would there be any way I could be pregant? Yes I know it's bad I didn't use a condom I am aware.


It is possible that he could have ejaculated sperm near your vagina.  Depending on where you are with you cycle is whether or not there is a chance of pregnancy.  The pull out method is not a good one, for future info.