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I'm 16 and I keep getting these frequent headaches, about 2 a minute they are really sharp and painful and feel really tight. Are these just stress headaches?


When did your headaches start?  It could be from stress or could be from other factors.  Are you suffering from lack of sleep?  Are you eating healthy?  Do you have a history of head injury?  Do you play video games?  Video games or even watching TV can bring on a headache.  Have you noticed any triggers to your headaches?  Have you tried Tylenol to see if it helps alleviate the headache?  It shouldn't be too concerning unless you have arm or leg weakness occurring, trouble remembering, speech is adversely affected somehow, vision or hearing changes, throwing up, fever, or congestion.  If you have any of those symptoms, see your doctor right away.  If not, see if taking a pain pill helps it.  Try to take time and relax and hopefully, the headaches will be less frequent.