I am a mother that left her children with her parents. I was abused when I was married physically and mentally cheated on many times.  I got away but I still had the pain and anguish of it all inside. I bottled it up and set it on a shelf. I had my girls to look after, so I worked and did my best and I met a man who treated me right no physical or mental abuse. That lasted 7 years and in the end he cheated on me, so I left and moved in with my parents where I thought I would be safe. I was never shown much love at all when I was growing up, I was the oldest and got 90% of the problems that my sisters had done I got the blame.

Again I  met a man, he was army had a lot to offer me and my girls (education paid for )

We married and I had to go to PR to help him finish some paper work and to get his disability ratings in place.  This took 4 years but I did go home twice a year and they came to me twice a year and spoke everyday with my girls.

We then moved to Florida to be closer, we then moved again to Niagara Falls on the US side, so I could be 2 hrs away from my girls and family. For the most part I thought things were ok. Then my daughter got married and had a baby and everything changed between her and I. The hateful things that were said is unbelievable, I was a bad mother, that she is through with me and so on. They both got there collage education paid for through the VA which they both used to further there education. My younger girl is 27 and her and I sat down talked about it and we are good but the older one has painted a bulls eye on my back.  Due to health reasons (two strokes and pulmonary embolisms that almost killed me) and other ailments I have to go back to Florida. So again the hateful things surfaced.  Going back to Florida is not easy for me as I have a grandson here.

I am at a loss at what to do to make this situation any better, I have apologized over and over offered to go to family counseling,  but she still wants blood. I cannot take the stress anymore of all the fighting and arguing.  Please any input??