ok there is this guy that likes me a lot, and i dont really like him, just basically as a friend, and he has offered to buy me everything in the world....and do anything in the world for me, now i know yall are probably thinking...."yeah and whats wrong with that" well, i dont want him to buy me anything, i dont want anything from him. i dont want anything from anybody. thats one reason why i got a job, so i would have to quit borrowing money and having people pay for me everytime we went somewhere. i think he is doing that to try to make me like him, but like i told my mom i cant help the way i feel, and i dont like him like that, only as a friend, and i kinda get uncomfortable when we are around each other because i know he likes me and he knows that i dont feel the same way and it kinda hurts me because i really dont want to be mean to him, so i really dont know what to do...can someone please help me??????????