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How can I stay strong for my fiance he has acute biphenotypic leukemia with pneumonia. Im just so scared of him leaving me alone. He's my everything and I'm really depressed. He is in a very early stage. Is there anything to cheer me up,advice, anything to help me be stronger for him. I do not want to cry around him because I do not want to worry him. Thank you so much. :-(


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hey there wish,

im sorry to hear that but the good news is that you guys caught it early which makes it a lot easier to treat. you need to have faith and hope and never give up. its ok to cry thats part of how we deal with stress and its actually good for you. just stay strong and always think positive thoughts around him. do you have family/friends which you can cry around/with. and also talk to ?

friends and family are vital insituations like this and can offer tons of strength.

i hope this helps. hang in there it will be ok and good luck.

keep us updated on his condition. 8)
if you need somewhere to turn this forum is always a good place as well