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the 1st day of my last menstruation was july 23, i had a sexual contact with my ex bf on August 4, i hhad a sexual contact with my husband on August 22, i have learned that i am pregnant on september 30 and in the ultrasound report i will give birth on May 4. Who is the possible father of my baby? 


Hi Valerie,

From the dates you posted, the ex boyfriend, almost 100% guaranteed.

Normally you will ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.

You had sex with the ex on day 12 of your cycle - at or near your peak fertility.

You had sex with your husband on day 30 of your cycle.  By that time the egg would NOT be viable.  You would be at your lowest fertility.

Due dates are approximate but it works for getting pregnant the end of July.

A DNA test can confirm.  There are non-invasive tests you can do after about 9 weeks gestation.

Hope it helps.