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I had sex with an ex two days before my monthly. I got off about six or seven days later. I start dating a new guy two days after I was off. My boys came when I was. 37 weeks. These are my dates Ex boyfriend july 12 Cycle july 14 Cycle end july 21 or 22 New boyfriend july 23 Boys bday march 31 due date apirl 21 help please


Hi Ki,

If you had a normal period in July, it is unlikely you were pregnant by the ex then.  Also, having sex two days before your period you are unlikely to get pregnant, the egg is not viable.  You would be just about at the lowest point of your fertility.

Having sex after your period, on about day 6 of your cycle, it is possible for you to get pregnant.  It really depends upon when EXACTLY you ovulated.  

A March 31st birthday is 37 weeks after July 16.  NOTE: doctors base dates on when your LMP was.  Why?  Because most women remember that.  

It looks like the "new guy" is the father.