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Ok, first things first. I've been smoking weed daily for the past 1 1/2-2 years. Over the past, eh, 2-3 months I've been catching myself having a myriad of frightening thoughts. When I was younger, I was exceptionally intelligent. Perfect standardized test scores, low effort required to achieve perfect grades, always being EXTREMELY aware and on top of whatever situation I was in. In conversation, I ALWAYS had something to say, something witty and completely charming. I was never at a loss of thought or words. I'm 18, turning 19 in a few months, and I've noticed I'm nothing like the person I was before I started smoking. I've developed a self-daignosed mild case of Social-Anxiety Disorder, partly due to the fact I just began college, and prior to had lived in a remote, rural area of about 5,000 people. I had never needed to make new friends before, because everyone already knew everyone. What I'm saying is, the thoughts I've been having for the last 2-3 months are along the lines of, is weed inhibiting my mental performance as well as my social cognition? When I slow down, pause, and really apply my brain, I can reach similar results as to before I started smoking, but it's no longer the normal condition of my brain. I feel like I've lost my mental edge, the thing that used to distinguish me as an individual, and am now just another mindless body. My thought-creativity, my creativity in conversation, both have suffered dramatically lately. As a result of me noticing these things about myself, I am willing myself to quit smoking weed cold turkey. I have so many friends that do it, I'm scared I'm not set up right for this to be possible. Can someone confirm it is? I know I just have to stay strong in my motivations, but I'm a highly habitual person, and to remove something I cherished for so long from my life is one of the most drastic things I've ever done. I need to know if quitting is worth it. After 3-6 months, will I be back to my normal, talkative, entertaining, interesting, un-Social Anxiety Disorderly self? I have the strongest premonition that weed is doing this to me, I just want to know if there is anyone out there who's scenario/situation CLOSELY resembles mine. I just want to be normal again. Can someone reassure me it's possible, with weed taken out of my life?


Firstly, everyone goes through a transitional phase, though varying from individual to individual, when a big change occurs (IE College).

Secondly, YES weed makes you dumber, less witty, and your conversation less creative. So your not as awesome as that person you used to be, that you miss so terribly.

The good news??? You can regrow brain cells and the connections between those brain cells by exercising your fantastic mind powers and QUITTING the smoking of the weed!

Maybe you need some new friends if you fear falling back into that lifestyle by keeping them around. You easily influenced WEAKLING!

If your gonna make this change... and give up this LOVE of yours, then do it completely... embrace it fully... and commit to it. That means more changes than just your friends and your mind.

Your awesome.

Good luck.


dont worry about your mind not being what it used to be, you are still young, so the sharp and cunning comments and responses to things will gradually get better the longer you allow it to reheal itself... just be sure while you are not smoking, you stay up on getting informative and educational materials to review and build back what you think was lost... truth be told your brain is almost as elastic as your skin, and with work, you can be better with it that you were back in school



Yes, I can assure you it's possible. I need to keep this relatively short right now, but may reply with more later.

My situation is fairly similar to yours, with the main difference being that I've always been a bit shy in new social situations (and I've been in a lot of those throughout my life, growing up in a big city, changing schools a lot, etc). However, I can say, without a doubt, that weed has made my social anxiety worse, both when I'm high and not). I can also say that it usually gets better pretty quickly (within a few weeks) after I stop smoking.

I'm 26 now and have been smoking daily, with some fairly short breaks, for about 9 / 10 years. I don't think I've ever stopped for more than 2 months. But I can tell you that at its best (and perhaps in general) the contrast of not smoking weed after smoking so much, after a few weeks starts to feel like an amazing, clear headed, natural but powerful high. It's probably because I've been so used to the subpar mental state that habitual use puts me in, so what used to probably feel normal now feels amazing. And mind you, I've never made it past a couple months. I have no idea how my mind will start to unwind and expand after being free of it for longer.

I think that everything you describe could be explained by your use of weed - I definitely think a similar thing has haoppened to me, and it starts to get better surprisingly quickly when I stop.

I'm planning on stopping for a long time, maybe forever (it's been a dew days now, but that's because I don't have access to it - but I'm thinking, hoping, willing that this time it will last). I highly encourage you to do the same. It may be easier psychologically if you don't tell yourself that it will be forever. You could decide to stop for, say, two months, and set that as a goal. It's certainly do-able, even if you have a lot of friends who smoke - or, I should say, it has been for me. However, the danger is that you can easily slip back into it. It's amazing to me how clearly I can see the benefits of kicking the habit, and how easy it is to slip back into it anyway. But I know it's possible to quit, after heavy use, even if u still have friends who do it - several of my friends have done this.

Some advice - you may need to spend less time with the people you usually smoke with for a while. You also need friends who don't smoke or don't smoke much. And you need to be prepared to turn it down when offered. Since u are in college, I suspect this may happen a lot.

I usually find that in the beginning (after the first few days), I am happy to not be smoking, and I have little desire to (though this was not true the first time I took a month off - I remember craving it all the time). Usually, for several weeks or a month, I am almost disgusted by the idea of smoking it. This is because the new way I'm feeling is so fresh and enjoyable, I want to maintain it and I know weed will destroy it. After a while longer, it starts to seem like less of a big deal - I think to myself, I can smoke a little but not go back to every day. This may be true for a little while, but I pretty quickly get back into a bad habit. Remind yourself of you reasons for stopping even months after you do. And now that your newfound mental clarity and energy will be affected even by smoking once - it will be affected severely for at least a day or two, more subtly for weeks at least, perhaps months. Realize it is not worth the short lived comfort aand high it gives you.

I'm writing this to you, but it's also advice to myself.

Some advice to you, specifically - do it now, don't wait 8 more years (at least?) like me. You've got an amazing four years ahead of you, with more free time than you'll probably have for the rest of your life - don't spend a lot of that time smoking weed. Make music, write a book, do whatever it is you love doing that you may not have time for later if you don't develop the skills now that may be necessary to turn it into a career. And take advantage of the incredible opportunity for social learning and growth that you have. It's not that weed makes these things impossible but it can and probably will make them much slower and harder

Trust those frightening thoughts - and realize that they're not actually that frightening. You've figured out the source of a problem and now you can deal with it. And you're still very young. If you stop now, this will have been just a minor detour - if you continue much longer, it will start to become something more than that.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes.