Okay so back in november 2013 i had gone to a planned parenthood for an abortion. And yes i have read that when you are prego you can have false positives. So i get tested. i never received a call. planned parenthood doctor nor nurses tell me i have this disease. i got a letter in the mail today march 31 2014 saying i had tested positive for chlamydia and they gave me medication while i was there. but no they did not. I am married and ik for a fact that i have not cheated, my husband claims he hasn't and i am freaking out over this. but he's totally fine. why would no one from pp call me to tell me this? or tell me when i went back? im really confused. Both my husband and i have an appointment in a few hours for a retest. and i am sad, because after i received this letter i felt disgusted with myself and my partner. i do plan on getting my last results and discussing why no one told me i had this disease. or why no one eve bothered to contact me. i will post an update as soon as i find out.