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I am a 14 year old girl and I recently noticed a lump under my left nipple. I am very concerned as it is very painful. Even when I'm not moving it is quite painful. please help. and My questions are

1. what is it?

2. Is it cancerous?

3. how do I get rid of it?

4. Why is it so painful?

5. is it possible breast cancer?

Thank you for anyone who can help. Me and my boyfriend are very concerned as it is possibly breast cancer.


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Hi fuzzycuddlebear, no one will be able to answer all the questions you have asked for the simple reason for the simple reason it would need to be examined by a doctor, it could be many things with cancer being the least likely it is probably no more than a cyst but my advice to you would be talk to your mum about it and see what she says as she will be able to see it and feel it, don't worry about it though as its probably nothing but the sooner you get it felt with the sooner if will be better ☺



Thank you BlankCanvas002