I'm a man and I think I have a fetish for tights and stockings how do I tell my partner.?Could she understand? I'm a weird ??? I love ladies in shinny tights and stockings also like masturbating in them and would love to have sex in them with my partner but really scared someone will find out (like her friends) or if she puts it on twitter or Facebook , I trust her and love her but can't stop watching pantyhose free porn and masturbating myself hardly ever have sex with her now in only 29 , I'm her first lover ...please help me don't want any bullshite it's took me long enough to even try her tights on ...and how could I get away with buying them out a shop when I walk past tights n garments isle in primark my face gets red and get hardon  dont think I could ever buy them myself or even say it's for my wife to be or could someone maybe call me if your genuine enough plz xx