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Ive been getting headaches for nearly 3 years now and im always taking panadol or nureofen. I am always hurting myself and i take those substances.

I think sometimes my mind takes over my body which then makes me take those substances no matter what! and yes they both have codeine in them and my mum told me its addictive..

i cant stop taking these substances even if there is nothing wrong with me and i think im addicted to codeine.

PLEASE HELP ME! %-) %-) %-) %-) :-(


sounds like you are to me, unfortunately
how many are you taking per day?

if you take even ~60mg of codeine a day for 3 years (60mg is a very small amount compared to some) it can grab a hold of you.

the only way to know is to stop taking them totally - and you'll feel much worse before you feel better.
I myself am on day 4 of stopping taking mine and I can't eat properly still.


yeah but thats the thing.. i cant stop taking them. get headaches everyday and i have to take something cause i cant have a major headache everyday.. so help! what do i do?

i havent eaten properly since like 2 weeks ago.

i take an average of 3 per day maybe even 4 if i have one on me! seeing i get headaches everday :-(