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Hi guys,

My little brother is 8 and had worn pull ups to bed up until the beggining of this year. He has been dry for roughly 6 months when a couple of weeks ago he began Bedwetting again. As far as I know he is under no stress at home or school and always controls what he drinks in the 2 hours before bed. Then he makes sure to use the toilet before bed. 

I know that it is a common problem in young children and I hadn't been too concerned until he just told me about what happens when he wets the bed. He said he's had the same dream every time that's caused him to urinate, and it's about a plane going towards the sun and then starts going downwards quickly. He said he's never in the plane, he isn't scared and the plane doesn't crash. 

Anyone know what this could be/how to help?


Hi Lilybeth
The dream your brother is having could just be that intense that it causing him to wet even if he feels he is not afraid.
There is a chance it could be related to other things asking him about how things are at school and if he is getting bullied or finding school difficult or if there is anything that is bothering him should be done.
It is wonderful that you are concerned about him and want to help him well-done, he needs to know that in no way is his starting to wet again his fault and he need regular reassurance of that and that you and your family will help him figure out what is going on.
He is doing great with watching what he is drinking and asking if he has been drinking more soft drinks or high sugar juices during the day could point out if he has changed his habits in anyway.
Small things like a change in bedtime or the quality of sleep he is getting could also trigger the bedwetting to start.
Being eight he could be playing a video game that has content in it that maybe could influence the type of dreams he is having.
Work with him and try to figure out anything that he may be doing different no matter how small keeping a journal with him is worth doing keep track of what and when he eats and drinks along with how his day was if anything has upset him or causing him to worry.
Being dry for six months and just starting to wet again looking for any change in daily routine is the place to start.
You could also suggest a second pee in the last hour before bed even if he feels he does not need to it is worth trying just to make sure his bladder is empty.
You could also search for relaxation techniques for children and just before bedtime do some deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques with him it may help him have a more peaceful sleep.