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took plan b on oct 24 let him nut in me on Wednesday of next week, let him again on friday got plan b on Saturday took a pregnancy test and the results say positive. Don't know what to do at all. I was supposed get my period that week on Oct 26 but I took plan b and now says I'm pregnant. I'm confused!


Hi to young,

Odds are very good that you ARE pregnant.  False positive results are VERY rare.

Plan B, or any emergency contraceptive, ARE NOT as reliable as daily birth control.

It's unlikely that a pregnancy test would show "pregnant" within two weeks of you having sex.  Odds are VERY GOOD you were already pregnant before the 24th.

You say you were supposed to get your period on Oct 26.  So your last period started around September 28?  If so, you'd likely ovulate between about October 9-14 and conceive a few days later.

See your doctor.  They can verify the results.

Good luck.