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Good day,

I'm a 27 year old engineer. I'm usually very quiet and reserved, hence my decision to abstain until marriage.

I come from a strong family and i do not wish them to be disgraced, harmed or embarssed in any way.

I have read numerous forum threads regarding this, but this forum seems to be the most competent, so I'll ask away.

I know you guys and gals must get this a lot, so here goes:

I've been seeing this girl. Nice girl. Good family background, also waiting to abstain until marriage. 2 weeks ago, we were watching a movie at her apartment, and we started kissing. Our kissing got a little out of hand, and as you can imagine, passion was flying. I did touch my genitals, but didn't seem to note any pre - ejaculate (as you might say... PRE CUM). I then proceeded to rub her vagina (as, well, her hymen was still intact, and she wanted to keep it that way). We kinda stopped after a few minutes and we both felt very guilty about it. I didn't ejaculate, neither did she orgasm, although i noted a few secretions on my fingers after we stopped. A few hours later, after i had left her apartment, she told me that she had gotten her period and was wondering why she didn't have any PMS signs.

If you must ask, no I didn't masterbate for several weeks prior to that event (a guy's busy... can't exactly do things like that as much as high school, hehe).

Can anyone please tell me if she is at risk for pregnancy or is going to be pregnant, assuming i got a small amount of pre-ejaculate on my fingers?

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread...I anxiously wait for your expert opinions.


she had her period, you should be fine. You did not insert your fingers into her vagina so even if there was precum, so probably none got inside.


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hey man i thought we already let you know there was 0% chance that she is pregnte. but now a new post with same message XD


Recently I had this orgasm with my partner. We had this virtual kind of sex , of course the hymen was intact. He ejaculated, But soon after that I went and washed it off. Really worries if this may cause preg.