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I have always been small framed, I'm 5 ft. 3 and I weigh around 101 pounds / 46kg. I recently joined a gym in order to burn my fat and gain lean muscle... I feel that I hold the majority of my weight/fat around my bum and thighs and I would like to tone them up and make my bum more firm. 

Currently I go to the gym 3 times a week - I do 30 minutes on a cross trainer, 20 minutes on a recumbant bike and around 7-10 minutes on a rowing machine. I also do some crunches, 40 squats, 30 lunges and 40 sumo squats.

I just came across your 'firm booty workout' video on Youtube and am wondering if it really would tone up my bum? If so, would I continue with my squats? Are there any other exercises that I would benefit from doing to firm up my bum and tone my thighs? And would I benefit from drinking a whey protein shake after working out or will that just bulk me up? 

I'm very confused and have read so many different things! I hope you can help me :)


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yes, this workout will absolutely help you.

if you want  a great bum, squats are a must - do you use weights? if no, use weights (min 7-10 pounds)> make sure to use proper technique. There are also few variations of squats - single squat iswhen you go down in a squat and return back up. Double squat is go down in a squat, and make 2 short squat moves when in a squat and then return up; triple squat (3 short moves) etc.

Sumo squat - excellent for inner thighs.

Deep squat - go real, real low in a squat and only work with your bum - up and down. 

Lunges are also great for legs and bum generally - again single, double, triple or more.

Static version when working lunges in places. Dynamic lunges when you do them by taking steps the gym for example... You will need at least 10 meters to perform them. (about 10 lunges path) . But they work like charm! 

if you aren't with weights (dumbbells or a smaller bar) you should definitely start!