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Ok, so heres the dealio, We`re 13-15 and need ergent help!!! School just about ended... We have 3 months off :) .. We want to go back to school new and improved people :)  We just cant get motivated, tried pilates for about 30mins but lost all interest! We`ve also tried sticking to a diet but always manages to FaiL!!!! I wouldn`t call us "fat" but want to trim and tone :D  Please help!! :)


Simple.... do not drink sodas or artificial juices.  No not eat junk or fast foods and do not add salt or sugar to anything. Just change up your diet by adding lots or fresh fruits and veggies to each meal and only eat LEAN meats, fish or poultry. Do not eat cheesy or salty/fatty sauces.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each and every day.

Get moving...I walk everyday which is good for overall healthy and wellness.... but you both may want to get some hand weights and try some aerobics and lifting moves to tone your arms, legs, back etc etc. Kettle ball is also fun. Zumba is another good option and is fun...dancing is fun and Zumba is a variation for fitness. Swimming and biking...hiking and rollerblading can switch things up once and awhile so you do not get bored.