Hi. Im 18 years old. Female. And a student. I recently joined the gym and had a full 5 day programme written for me to tone and firm my muscles. However its a unisex gym and there are sleazebags out and about and that has made me feel uncomfortable. The uni gym only charges me $7 a week. And as a student that is a really good deal. I've looked into community gyms for women. But they charge thrice as much as their weekly price. And Im hardly sure if they will write me a programme for free like my uni gym did. Anyway. The weights (resistance training) part of my 5 day (weekly programme) included machines, sit ups, the plank and other exercises. That was my MWF and my TTh was for my cardio and skills training which included dead lifts and squats. I was just wondering if there is another way as effective as going to the gym, and just working out at home? 

I figured I could go running. Or do zumba, or on a stationary bike for the cardio. And do the sit ups and other resistance training I could do with my own body. But I was just wondering if that will be enough? 

Can anyone please shed more light on this?