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Hi... I went on a vacation came back with a cold and found myself with an outbreak they did not hurt nor did i have any problems going to the bathroom. I immediately went to my Dr . The outbreak only lasted for 3 days . During that week i was takin all sorts of medication. The blood results came back as positive for herpes. I have not been sexually active for some months and I was at the Dr office in june and all blood work came back negative. Here we are in august and I'm told it's herpes. I have not had unprotected sex in years how can this be. My Dr. told me its possible to have an outbreak due to stress. IS THIS POSSIBLE.


Yes, you can get an outbreak due to stress. I am on some medication to control my stress level, but I still need to be very careful with how worked up I get. I never get bad ob's, but what few symptoms I get always seem to reveal themselves when I have a stress event. As relaxing as vacation can be, it is considered a stress event to some because of all the screwing around it takes to actually GET there.  You will be fine. :)