So i need opinions someone to talk to?my last period was MAY 5th 2013 today is june 18th so that makes me 17 days app on my phone  says 17 days late but i really count from the 5th to the 5th which would make me 13 days late!!! i took urine test everyday and i took a blood test yesterday  negative!!! my cycles are 29-30 days never ever missed a period befor.... besides with my 2 babies which are now 6 and 3.i have a sign of implANTATION  bleeding on last monday which it was a white discharge and then light pink blood when i wiped and i wiped a secon time nothing was there. as of rite now i am so bloated still tender breast my insides feel realy tight my wall insides.i pee all the time. i dont undertstand if i am pregnant or not  i mean i feel pregnant and i felt pregnant with my other 2 kids but why do they keep showing negative?i go to my obgyn mon for a annual so i am hoping he can tell if i am or not i have cried so much cause i dont know what is going on.... some respond?