Hello, I'm 17 years old and I'm 12 weeks pregnant today. At this point my support system (boyfriend, his and my parents) are great, everyone is either okay with or happy about it. I found out pretty early 3 weeks would be my guess. Up until 8 or 9 weeks I'd had some spotting with mild cramps. This Monday  (four days ago) I had a physical exam in which everything was good, had just recently had blood work pulled which was also good, and I listened to the baby's heartbeat :) of course that all put my mind at ease. But.. the night before last whIle I was getting ready for work something didn't feel right (like I'd peed a little or something) so I went to the bathroom and wiped, pink discharge. There was quite a bit of it and had gotten all in my underwear. Since then it's ranged from light to darker pink to brown. And just when I thought it was almost done I woke up this morning, wiped and there was daaamn brown/nearly reddish discharge and a stringy brown clot about the size of a penny :/ I'm upset and scared, I know there's nothing to be done if I were to misscary but I'd like advice anyhow. I'm also a pretty stressed person, lately more so, and am wondering how big of a factor that can be. Thank you for any and all advice/comfort. It is appreciated