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I am training for some time already and I feel like I need more strength. I would like to gain bigger muscle mass so I feel that I need extra energy. I have tried with higher intake of carbohydrates but it didn't give any results. I hope someone will give me suggestion what is the best for me to do?


I understand you very well as all people who are exercising always need more energy and strength. I also had period in my training process when I needed more strength and I used creatine. It helped me a lot and till than I am using it constantly. Creatine will give you more strength and as it incorporates in your muscles more you exercise you will be stronger. Along with it muscle mass will come too.


I have tried cycling my training and it seems to be working very well as well as making my muscles more dense.

What i do:

4-8 weeks of my normal training. This involves 3 days a week of heavy weights of between 4-7 reps to failure. 2-3 muscle groups a day. This builds strength and size.

1-3 weeks of lighter training. So every day training. Medium weights at 15- 20 reps ideally to failure. This builds density and lets the slow twitch muscles recover. It also builds recovery time. You may not experience strength gain in this phase. If you lose strength or size then reduce this phase next time from 3 to 2 weeks or whatever. This should help cut you up too.

1 (maybe 2) weeks of very heavy weights of 1-2 reps to failure. 3 times a week. (beware of injury and carryout all with extreme caution.)

You will need to vary this to suit your body type and mix it up a bit. When you hit a wall with strength then do a week or 2 of lighter weights. Just try to mix it all up so you shock your body into growth.

Light ab and back exercises to be done most days with 1 or 2 days off a week.

Hope this works for you.