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Want to build muscle quickly but don’t know how to? Then, just follow these simple guidelines:

1) Build muscle with less training
Research has shown that at least a week’s rest is required in between consecutive high intensity workout sessions.
The most effective way to promote muscle growth is to combine the right intensity of workout and recovery time after the exercise.
Therefore limit the duration and the number of weight training sessions in the gym. Don’t workout more than thrice a week and restrict your workout to an hour and not more than that.

2) Push your body to the limit safely
For exceptional gains, you need to push your limits gradually. Try to shock your muscles with high intensity sets and you’ll see your muscle growing in size and strength .If you are serious about building a great physique then be ready to train your muscles to failure.

3) Push to failure with one set
It has been seen that single set training is better than multiple set training. Therefore, give your 100 % in the first set and exercise till the bar cannot be moved after the last repetition.
Hence, there will be no need to do more than one set of the same exercise and energy can be concentrated on other exercises.

4) Number of repetitions per set
Don’t let your body to get used to a particular routine, vary the intensity in repetitions. This way you can avoid slumps in the strength.
Greater number of repetitions helps in building stamina and strength, while lower number of repetitions will lead to muscle gain.

5) Drink water to build muscle
Human body contains about 80% water; therefore it becomes necessary to hydrate your body.
Also, drinking water can help in transporting healthy nutrients through out the body and flushing the protein out of the kidney. As well as it will prevent any injury to the body.
Research has revealed that dehydration affects the physical performance and muscle strength significantly.

6) Limit the training frequency for each muscle group
Each muscle group should be worked on, only once a week to provide adequate recovery time. So try to work on single muscle daily, don’t put too much stress on your muscles by increasing the frequency.

Following these weight lifting tips can help you in achieving your goal in the shortest time possible. Remember, it’s the quality that matters not the quantity.


When in middle school I was a fat kid till I tryed this method:

Everyday before bed do as many pushups as you can(for upperbody strength),And do about 150 crunches(for core strngth).When doing your crunches have our back on the ground and your legs curled onto an object such as a couch.(Making your body look like it is sitting in a chair but on the ground).

(This metod is somewhat similar to #3 on your list)

After I had done this for about 2 monthes intensly i became very muscularly fit(6 pack and muscles to show off,not too big though)

Hope This Helps You